Mari Fandl is a New York City born and raised professional makeup artist with close to 15 years experience. Now calling the beautiful city of Nashville, TN her home. 

As a teenager Mari was more focused on the arts and spent more time doodling in class than handing in a perfect paper. After high school, she enrolled in vocational studies for esthetics where she practiced skin care until one day she picked up a makeup brush and instantly realized her true calling and passion. 

Mari has worked for high end cosmetic lines and has over a decade of commercial, fashion, print, editorial and beautiful wedding work under her brush belt.  Her zest for life, and extreme professionalism inhabit her ability to thrive in all atmospheres and inevitably put a smile on even the most frazzled of wedding planners! 

Mari believes you never stop growing as an artist, that there are no rights and wrongs in expressing oneself through the arts. She is inspired by beauty of the heart and soul, and finds sometimes all it takes is simple a cheek and soft lip to make a women feel even more confident and beautiful… a reflection of the heart and soul. 

Mari says that "beauty is all around us, it’s all encompassing and the ability to recognize this and create from it is nothing short of magical".